Our Program and Our Process

New Smiles for Veterans Mission


To provide United States Veterans with much needed dental care, which is not provided through the Office of Veterans Affairs


To have the necessary infrastucture, and funding to provide needed care to United States Veterans


We at New Smiles for Vets strive to become the leading non profit organization to provide the necesary and much needed dental care to our Veterans, which is very often overlooked by the V.A. and non profits functioning in the United States.

The Value/Distinction

Being able to help Veterans havve a healthier life by providing the well needed dental care that the require, which they do not recieve from the Office of Veteran Affairs or through other organizations.

We at New Smiles for Veterans believe that the mouth is the gateway to health and we desire to reverse the damage done to our Veterans and their health by filling the void of dental care. Our Veterans are left behind when it comes to dental care and we want to have their backs where others do not.

The Vetting Process

  1. New Smiles for Veterans reaches out to relevant dentists to propose a monthly commitment to help 1 Veteran (or more) a month. Dentists may opt out at any time if they no longer feel their commitment is desirable.
  2. A Veteran contacts New Smiles for Veterans.
  3. New Smiles obtains necessary proof of service.
  4. New Smiles assesses needed dental care.
  5. New Smiles creates a plan that best fits the need of the Veteran, our capabilities, and coincides with our agreement with the dentist.
  6. New Smiles instructs the Veteran to contact an applicable dentist and arrange a time to receive dental work.

We at New Smiles for Veterans plan to become the leading non profit organization in Utah that provides dental care to our Veterans. We are in the process of seeking funding and support and are currently looking for dentists that are willing to adopt one Veteran a month or more.

Being able to help Veterans have a healthier life by providing their needed dental care, is important to our veterans health and it is important to us.